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Letters & Numbers Only
By: Codewalkers
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    Anvery simple and easy to use function to test if a string contains only letters and numbers.

    By : mrbiiggy

    lnonly stands for letters & numbers only..

    this is just a little quick function to test if a string
    contains only letters and numbers... the only alternative
    function to this i've found must be built into php when
    compiling.. i like this a lot better and its comes in
    handy when checking entries on forms..

    function lnonly($string) {
    $eregi = eregi_replace("([A-Z0-9]+)","",$string);
    return true;
    return false;

    // example usage:

    if(letters($yourstring)) {
    echo "String Accepted";
    else {
    echo "String Rejected: <b>Bad Characters</b>";
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